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Live Active aims to not only help you with fat loss, muscle tone and fitness goals… 

It also focuses on training properly and applying correct technique to achieve the best results and fast, help people train more effectively and efficiently by having shorter and harder sessions. Our personal training also aspires to build on and repair people’s weaknesses, and reduce the injuries associated with exercise in the general population. Live Active offers a fun, tailored service concentrating on your particular needs and desires. 

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Hi Romola,
Thank you for the classes each Tuesday… you certainly inspire and motivate… I love it.’

A healthy body and lifestyle is not short term, it is to be earned, established and maintained. Ask yourself before you start a diet and exercise programme. . . is this a long term solution? Help and support from Live Active in Epping, Menai & Cronulla (Sutherland Shire) is enduring, boasting its strong relationships with their clients since its inception in 2005.

“Your body is a piece of art. You are the artist and can sculpt it the way you want to with will power and hard work.”
Romola Riad (2007)