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What does Rom of Live Active eat?

Based on training, no food intolerances and needing to control 3-5pm hunger pains:
Breakfast – half yellow grapefruit, tip of finger size of raw ginger, half a small glass of beetroot juice, wholegrain rolled oats porridge made with water (dash of honey and milk optional) and a green tea. If I know I won’t get my morning snack in I add 1 boiled egg.
10-10.30am snack – cup full 4 bean salad with corn & baby spinach OR small handful of raw nuts.
Lunch – tuna & salad sandwich on grain bread.
3-3.30pm snack – banana, apple or celery. Wait 5mins and if still hungry one piece of grain bread with peanut butter on it or alphalfa.
Dinner – grilled piece of fish or meat (size a palm of the hand) with salad or steamed vegetables.
Dessert – small handful of berries ie. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.