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Fundraiser 22 Feb a Success

$145 donated to Cystic Fibrosis NSW with joy. Another Fundraiser coming this year, you may get to choose the charity but you have to complete the workout and FIRST 🙂



Rom having a bit of fun in Bridging the Gap Fundraiser Sunday 24 Nov


Thanks Nutrition Training Australia

Live Active has another certificate to add to their portfolio, Creating Diets for Weight Loss Success. Come and see how a typical 2000 cal daily intake can go to 1800, 1500 and 1200 with simple tweaking

Recent Testimonial

‘Thanks for this afternoon. Even though I whinge and complain I love it AND know it is good for me.’

Overall recommendations for an optimum fat loss diet (long term & maintainable)

Moderate protein (25-30%) > meat, fish, chicken, legumes.
Low GI carbohydrates (40-50%) > whole grains, pasta, dairy.
Healthy fats (30%) > avocado (half per day), nuts, seeds, MUFA & PUFA oils.
High fibre > vegetables, fruit, whole grains.
Portion control is essential to limit Glycaemic Load & total calories.
ref: taken from Nutrient Rich Fitness Webinar 26 Feb 2013.

What does Rom of Live Active eat?

Based on training, no food intolerances and needing to control 3-5pm hunger pains:
Breakfast – half yellow grapefruit, tip of finger size of raw ginger, half a small glass of beetroot juice, wholegrain rolled oats porridge made with water (dash of honey and milk optional) and a green tea. If I know I won’t get my morning snack in I add 1 boiled egg.
10-10.30am snack – cup full 4 bean salad with corn & baby spinach OR small handful of raw nuts.
Lunch – tuna & salad sandwich on grain bread.
3-3.30pm snack – banana, apple or celery. Wait 5mins and if still hungry one piece of grain bread with peanut butter on it or alphalfa.
Dinner – grilled piece of fish or meat (size a palm of the hand) with salad or steamed vegetables.
Dessert – small handful of berries ie. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.

Live Active Now Studio Pilates Matwork Qualified

Just letting you all know an update has been added to my list of credentials and I am now very excited to be teaching Pilates either at the beginning or end of my workout sessions. I hope you all enjoy it, and no doubt your body will be thanking you for it