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Overall recommendations for an optimum fat loss diet (long term & maintainable)

Moderate protein (25-30%) > meat, fish, chicken, legumes.
Low GI carbohydrates (40-50%) > whole grains, pasta, dairy.
Healthy fats (30%) > avocado (half per day), nuts, seeds, MUFA & PUFA oils.
High fibre > vegetables, fruit, whole grains.
Portion control is essential to limit Glycaemic Load & total calories.
ref: taken from Nutrient Rich Fitness Webinar 26 Feb 2013.


CONGRATULATIONS Alex has lost 11.5kgs

Alex had her weigh in last night, and yes she’s cracked the 10kgs with HARD WORK and SENSIBLE CHOICES. Even better she actually lost 11.5kgs! This was not a quick fix either, she will continue to maintain and lose as her body has adapted slowly to the changes ultimately she decided to make for the long term. I was just a little helping hand along the way to her Wedding in November. Alex, a huge well done. I’m very proud and love seeing how fit you have become and great you look!! See you at training Monday night, and in the meantime continue to do what you are doing and seal your result and the ‘feeling’ of this goal as we get you on the next wave