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Recent Testimonial

‘Thanks for this afternoon. Even though I whinge and complain I love it AND know it is good for me.’


Awesome Abdominals

Done properly, these exercises really work

Today’s Workout

See how many times you can complete the following in 15mins:
2 x burpees
10 x pushups with squat
20 x pushups rolling a 2kg med ball under each hand ie. 10 each side
10 x vertical bar both knees to chest (no momentum!)
30 x squats
10 x sit ups (full, and no momentum!)

Formation of Live Active

It’s been a long road and much anticipation for Live Active’s Website to go LIVE!!

Live Active actually came initially from Rom’s children’s initials ‘L’ and ‘A’.

I would like to thank Darren Buesnel (Designer), 2D / 3D Design & Animation, for making this happen.

Thank you

The Live Active Team